Sunday, June 30, 2013


The NSA debacle gives rise to the thoughts and realities of recent government activities that have and are still emerging. By activities I am referring to the "scandals".  These scandals have created an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion which affects the credibility of government in a very adverse manner.  The NSA may have a very important mission with regard to this untimely disclosure, which was aided by Edward Snowden, however, to paraphrase by their action you will know them.  Not just the actions of the NSA but of this government in it's entirety.  Recent history tells us to doubt, prompts us to mistrust and leads us to proper suspicion.

The current administration created the doubt, mistrust and suspicion.  To overcome these the administration must mover from opaque to transparent.  Read transparency, not how the government redefined this word.  This move must happen sooner than later in order to attempt to regain the trust of the government's employers:  We The People.

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