Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Syrian Shakeup (The Waffling Way of Lil Obi)

News organizations, Twitter and Facebook have been following, almost exclusively, the recent barbaric events in Syria.  The use of chemical weapons resulting in 1400 dead adults and children.  Many differing theories as to who is responsible for this atrocity, from the Syrian government (Assad), the rebels (Muslim Brotherhood affiliated), to the United States. At least no one, so far is BOBing (you know, Blame on Bush). The big question is "what is Obama going to do?"

Why is this question being asked and what is the answer?
The Back Story.
During  a speech on 8-20-12, President Obama stated that if Syria used, attempted to use or prepared the use of chemical weapons that they would have crossed Obama's "Red Line" and that the United States would act.  This "Red Line" was crossed in June, 2013, The World Outline reported the use of Sarin Gas by the Assad government, resulting in the death of at least 200 Syrians.  The resulting Administration response was inaction, meaningless bloviating and useless utterances. 
The Syrian's action in June, 2012 is an example of the non influence of the current administration and Obama's answer proved and highlighted this lack of influence. this now lead us to:
The Events of August 2013
Almost one year to the day, reports began stating that 1300-1400 Syrians were killed by a chemical attack.  Just now, as I am typing this, Secretary of State Kerry stated that the chemical agent used was, again, Sarin gas. The video's of the dead and dying, convulsing, vomiting and the dying filled the screens of our televisions and the internet.  Obama was quick to respond with and I paraphrase, we will retaliate on the Assad government and quickly moved Naval warships toward Syrian waters.  At this time the warships are still in place, idle, waiting for a go order to be sent.
Meanwhile, Mr. Obama has basically broadcast what exactly he aims to accomplish, nothing.  No regime change, if one is needed, no priority targets.  he also stated about when this mission would begin.  the result, according to The Washington Post, The Hill and The Mirror (Britian), Assad placed human shields, prisoners and children in and around suspected targets and other areas that may come under attack.
Now trying to assemble an international coalition England's Parliament voted no, but France is there.  Obama has a coalition of two, not really international.  Then Obama presents his case to the United Nations, which he knows won't be approved (as if anyone cares).  Up until now Obama did not deem it necessary to call Congress back from their month long hiatus to enter into a special session, even with the 20% approval rating for his intended actions.
President Obama has now brought the world to the edge of it's cosmic chair waiting for something to happen.  Kerry states on Thursday that, and I paraphrase, action need to occur immediately.  The world waits.  Finally a breakthrough: Obama has decided to turn the mess over to Congress, when they return from their boondoggle on September 9th.  Now this is a decisive president (little p intentional).  I cannot confirm if he used a teleprompter for this decisive speech.  He also stated this situation is "not time sensitive" which means inactivity on his part.  Maybe Valerie Jarret did not approve of bombings.  Which not takes us to:
 The Way I See It (TWISI)
What I see in this crisis is an indecisive president, afraid to be a leader or take a risk.  he has brought this situation on himself, spewing about the Red Line without the backbone to enforce it.. When Syria crossed his imposed Red Line in June, action should have be taken immediately.  To stop behavior the penalty must be Sure, Swift and Severe.  Syria suffered none of these.  No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world.  I believe that the only reason Obama turned the Syrian crisis over to congress is to take the blame away from him. However, if congress voted his plan down, a slap to Obama or if congress approves, a slap to the American People which will be remembered in November 2014.
I do believe that absent of public opinion and the administrations own words concerning impeachment threat of Bush concerning Iraq (Bush did obtain congressional approval) Obama would have give the go order. Here is why:  When I was a kid, growing up in Montana we would have snowball fights.  For the less experienced snowballers the tactic was this.  Lob a snowball at the target, while the target was following the snowball, line drive a second straight at them.  I believe this is Obama's tactic.  Democrats always say to not let a good crisis go to waste.  While the networks, public and the world are following the bombing of Syria, Obama will be using his executive order pen to further shred the constitution on the second and fourth amendments, plus other laws he doesn't like.  This president wants to begin a war with a country of which, Rand Paul states accurately, there is no clear cut ally.  Syria need to solve their own problems and Obama need to quit trying to be the world's daddy.