Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THE WAY I SEE IT (TWISI) SHREDDING THE Constitution To be an informed citizen and not merely a bystander, please read: Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_Constitution Some so called political pundits or self proclaimed experts state that our Constitution is a living document. They state that our founding documents should change to be consistent with the times. They liken the change to a human, whom they state is consistently evolving. TWISI: We all are aging, I really know this, in most areas. We age, we have problems and we fail or succeed. The area that does not change is our DNA. DNA never changes from birth to death. The constitution is our country's DNA. This document was written as the corner stone of the body of citizens we call the United States of America. No matter the political party in control or the make up of the Supremes the DNA does not change. No matter the turmoils or the disagreements we face as a nation, the Constitutional remains intact, as our founding fathers intended. An example of the Constitutional revisionist thinking IS THE Second Amendment, the Constitutional right for citizens to keep and bare arms. Revisionist thinking is of the premise that the founding fathers had not envisioned the arms of today, therefore the Second Amendment does not apply. I'm sure the founding fathers did not envision the internet, television or other electronics being invented. Does this also make the first amendment non applicable concerning news and political commentary. The Way I See It: of course not. Both premises are absurd. What the revisionists are driven by is agenda. Their idea is to transform that body which is named The United States of America into a country that is void of God and the Constitution. As in any transformation of a country, three changes come into play: transform the educational system, transform religion and gain the cooperation of the press. The education system has removed God from the classrooms, many have removed the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star and Stripes from school. Many textbooks are attempting to reinterpret history as the events happened. The "mainstream press" is already on board and the attempt to make the Constitution evolving is into full swing. The Supreme court is the watch dog of the Constitution, however New appointment(s) could see the watchdog title change. Religious is being hindered by threats of federal lawsuits regarding the exercise of free speech (First Amendment). We as citizens making up the body of the United States can rise up with our vote. We can and must vote for the politicians who think we work for them. We can and must vote for the school board to ensure an ethical school system and have the desire to value what our forefathers envisioned when the founding documents were written. A simple example of the literal intent of the founding fathers: Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states: "To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square)" Washington D.C. is exactly 100 square miles (ten miles square). This is but a small item but proves the literal meaning of the Constitution. All appropriate comments agreeing or disagreeing are welcome. Please refrain from vulgar and threatening language. More to follow including real Family Italian cooking recipes every Monday. Another political article next Friday. Have a great week Americans. Thanks: From Rick, the Political person; Miss T, the Editor person and Rhon, the Chef person.

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